Hamam Group’s President

Leonardo Cesar Pasin Hamam
Brazilian, 42 years old, chairman of Hamam Group, graduated 20 years ago in Architecture and Urbanism. He started his professional career at Gafisa Constructor (GAFS3) and worked in the renowned architect Roberto Candusso’s office.

Continued his career evolution in corporative market, at the management of the company Athie | Wohnrath, the largest company in the corporate office sector in Latin America, and managed the implementation of 36 offices for large corporations, such as: Unilever, HP, Danone, Ericsson, Compaq, Monsanto, Agilent, Technologies and others, representing over 140.000 m².

In 1999 he founded the Hamam Group, a company specialized in hotel market that became leader in the sector, offering the unparalleled expertise for the hospitality industry. In 2007 had its horizons broadened to the Arabian World, specifically Dubai, UAE.

In Dubai he founded Hamam International, operating from 2007 to 2009, where he performed many projects in the Arabian Emirates and Doha-Qatar.

In his history, had achieved the number of more than 20.000 keys and over 8 million square meters implemented for different modalities of hotel operators and clients.

As president of Hamam Group, Leonardo Hamam, along with his team, is responsible for establishing 36 hotels in Brazil simultaneously, from the Super Luxury to the Economy classes.