Abel Castro

SVP of Group Accor Americas & Caribbean

"I follow the work of the Hamam for several years. The trace of it’s talented team distinguishes projects that pass through its office.

The expertise of Haman in national hospitality is a valuable asset in this market. Being able to offer our partners / investors services with this brand brings with it the high standard of quality assurance, wich is a trademark of Hamam."

Alexandre Veiga

Director | Patrimar Engenharia S.A.

"Hamam; They gave me a lot more than we bought!
If we have another opportunity, we won’t exitate!
We will do everything the same way!
Thank you, and until next time!"

Paulo Bertero

Director | Transamérica Hospitality Group

"For us at the Transamerica Hospitality Group it has been an experience
extremely important working with Hamam Group.
Hamam Group has been shown as an able company, offering
great standard services and acting with promptitude and high professional sense."

Marina Dillon

Architect Design & Construction | Latin American Region | IHG

"Our relationship with Hamam was always very sincere, professional and quiet in everywhere. It is common in the hospitality implementation industry to meet certain difficulties given the large scope of each project, when they occurred, were solved as soon as possible by the members of each team. The Office profile is consistent with major international offices regarding the delivery form of the projects, meeting deadlines and respect the specificities of each hotel chain. In every project we have a dedicated team wich seeks to always be in line with the direction of our brands."

Fernanda Bertolini

Sr. Manager Design and Project Management | Latin American Region | Marriott International

"The great advantage of Hamam is its vast experience in the hospitality market, which contributes greatly to the quality of projects. The team has been very competent and professional in this one year that we are working together."

Jack Wengier

President Director | Bravargen Brasil | L.P. Vinyl and Paper Inc. USA

"We have worked with Hamam Group for over 15 years and beyond pleasure to participate in such important work, what motivates me most is the fact that in the Hamam Group I feel at home."